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NW Procurement Development

NHS Finance Basics

This series of videos and exercises is designed as a clear and simple way of accessing training when it suits you in short, smart chunks. It seeks to present the basics of NHS finance for junior finance staff and those new to the NHS who require an introduction to help them understand the range of activities that take place in NHS finance. The series is not aimed at teaching people how to do NHS finance, only to provide a simple introduction to what the various parts of the finance function are about, including what can go wrong. This is part of the FSD approach to delivering short, smart, cost effective learning.  The target audience is anyone working in Finance who wants to refresh their knowledge and insight.

Title of Series: NHS Finance Basics

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Income in the NHS
Module 3: Payroll
Module 4: Expenditure cycle
Module 5: Capital Expenditure
Module 6: The Control Function
Module 7: Budgetary Control
Module 8: Year End
Module 9: Audit
Module 10: Managing the Business
Module 11: Basic Bookkeeping Part 1
Module 12: Basic Bookkeeping Part 2


Working in a busy finance environment it can be a challenge to understand what goes on in other parts of the department and where your job fits in. It is important that everyone in finance knows what their job purpose is and how it contributes to the broader role of finance, within their organisation.  It is also important to understand what can go wrong and the implications of errors and omissions. This will series breaks the finance function down into bite sized short, smart learning modules, which can be used individually at a time that is convenient to you or as part of an introductory programme on NHS Finance.

What’s on offer:

Twelve 10 – 25 minute training videos (3 hours in total), supported by PowerPoint slides and questions to test your understanding (both can be downloaded).

Who are they for:

Junior finance staff in the NHS and those who are new to NHS finance, who need a basic introduction to the finance function, what it does and what can go wrong.

Why use these: 

You can access these anytime and anywhere from the FSD website, on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • They are short
  • They are easy and quick to access and you don’t have to leave your desk
  • They provide a basic introduction and can complement in-house induction and orientation
  • Each module considers what can go wrong, since it is essential for finance staff to understand why their work is important and needs to be right first time, every time.