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NW Procurement Development

NHS Stakeholders

Procurement and clinical representatives from across the NW Region met to discuss and share ideas as to how to support the RCN national “Small changes:big differences” initiative and raised the profile that procurement matters to patients.

Click here to download slides from the RCN Meeting

National and regional developments were shared by Estephanie Dunn, Regional Director of the NW RCN and Mick Guymer, Director of NWPD followed by the launch of a video featuring Staff from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, produced to assist Trusts to engage with clinical teams about how they can play a vital role in the procurement of products in the delivery of high quality patient care.

The group engaged actively in discussions about other ways in which they could engage with clinical teams and some of the suggestions included:

  • Advertise/communicate the savings and successes
  • Rewards to an individual/department
  • Consumables group/commodities group
  • Slot on Trust inductions
  • Share success stories i.e. patient care/not just CIPS
  • How we share success – demonstrate value of saving and how saving were used.
  • Clinical Procurement Nurse Specialists uniform
  • Take messages to students to develop their understanding

Following the publication of Lord Carters recent report where he suggests there are significant variations across the Health Service, NWPD produced data to indicate that there were potential opportunities for clinical and procurement teams to work together to standardise key products such as infusion pumps, which potentially would reduce patient risk and costs of supply.

Nicola Morton gave an excellent presentation about her role as a Senior Nurse for Clinical Procurement at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and was clearly passionate and enthusiastic about the role she had to play and the value she had added


Support for the collaborative work undertaken by the NW RCN and NWPD was offered by Peter Becconsall, Assistant Finance Director, representing Lancashire Teaching Hospitals and supported by Andrea Hawkes Clinical Procurement specialist. Their presentation shared views as to the significant impact procurement can make in reducing costs, improving efficiencies and the need to engage with Clinical teams to achieve this.

The meeting ended with Brian Mangan, Assistant Director NWPD sharing the launch of an initiative aimed at promoting stakeholders to propose ideas to improve patient care and deliver efficiencies...

Meet Clare

She has been diagnosed with throat cancer and has started radiotherapy which she will have to have 4 days a week for 8 weeks

This stressful experience is made worse by the fact she has to wear a face mask which makes her feel very claustrophobic - so much so she has to take prescription drugs to get through the treatment.

Wouldn't it be great.. if someone could develop a mask that could help her... this would reduce her stress levels, save costs of medical support and drugs...


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The NW RCN and NWPD would like to thank all attendees for their contribution on the day and will post future developments on this web page.