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NW Procurement Development

PSD services have moved to a new website, part of a national Procurement Development initiative. This new website is the Skills Development Network, here you will find:

  • Courses & events (procurement specific, business skills and management & leadership)
  • Online learning
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • NHS Standards of Procurement (Accreditation)

Your current login details will work on the new website.

To visit the new website click here

About the Skills Development Network

The North West Procurement Skills Development (PSD) Network was established in 2012 to provide an innovative learning and development infrastructure to enable and support continuing development of procurement staff in the NHS across the North West.

In January 2016, the Department of Health approved a bid from the Finance Skills Development Network (FSD) to establish a national Commercial Procurement Skills Development Network (PSD) which will provide an infrastructure and professional oversight to ensure a consistent approach to skills and organisational development.  Building on the North West PSD initiative, the new regional procurement networks will:

  • Raise commercial capability and acumen
  • Share good procurement practice
  • Promote a culture of continued learning and development of procurement staff
  • Move away from silo working through the development of cross-organisational and cross-regional working

The national PSD Network will also make a major contribution to the achievement of the recommendations set out in the Carter review, in particular Recommendation 5(f):

“trusts embracing the adoption and promotion of the NHS Standards of Procurement with the support of the new Skills Development Networks, with those that have already achieved Level 1 achieving Level 2 of the standards by October 2018; and those trusts that are yet to attain Level 1 achieving that level by October 2017. All trusts to produce a self-improvement plan to meet their target standard by March 2017.”