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NW Procurement Development

Our Vision

To support the delivery of high quality and safe patient care by developing & providing efficient and contemporary procurement functions managed by highly trained, knowledgeable & competent staff.

What Are We Doing?

  • Developing and harnessing a robust NHS professional network to build and support the required NHS commercial infrastructure delivering and informing Corporate and Procurement Strategies.
  • Increasing effective partnership working across NW NHS providers & creating a NW Procurement voice
  • Creating a vehicle for clinical engagement in the procurement process to enhance both quality & safety
  • Building confidence within Trusts, their senior management teams and all relevant stakeholders (both internal and external) by evidencing that Procurement delivers Value for Money, reduces commercial risk and provides business continuity
  • Raising the profile of the profession internally and externally
  • Embedding quality through consistent best practice adoption and work ethos.

Why Are We Doing It?

  • To respond to the recent National Audit Office report and PAC committee criticism regarding inadequate landscape and procurement capabilities and lack of evidence regarding Value for Money.
  • To create new opportunities for the NHS Procurement profession to drive the required change management programme of success.
  • To drive significant value from each pound spent enabling effective management of NHS resources.
  • To raise standards, harness aspirations and increase Network engagement across procurement, finance and other NHS multidisciplinary teams.
  • This is a real investment opportunity focussed on Trust procurement. & it is complementary to the National agenda & direction