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NW Procurement Development

Tools for Transformational Change

This series of videos and exercises is designed as a clear and simple way of accessing training when it suits you in short, smart chunks. It seeks to demystify the competencies required from professionals working in finance and to help you to understand what works well. This is part of the FSD approach to delivering short, smart, cost effective learning.  The target audience is anyone working in Finance who wants to refresh their knowledge and insight.

Title of Series: Skills to help achieve transformational change in the NHS


  1. Establishing credibility quickly
  2. Communicating persuasively
  3. Presenting persuasively
  4. Strategic Planning in the NHS
  5. Lean methodology and improving efficiency
  6. Business case writing
  7. Risk management
  8. Inspirational leadership
  9. Flexibility (Change Readiness)
  10. Team working


In response to research from NHS Finance Skills Development into the newly configured landscape and the changing competency profile, the FSD now offers online training in short, smart learning modules.

These videos will be mapped onto the main areas to meet the growing demands on Finance professionals at a time when the NHS is under pressure to reduce numbers and be more efficient.

What’s on offer

10 minute training videos, supported by PowerPoint slides and questions to test your understanding (both can be downloaded).

Who are they  for:

Any Finance professional working in the NHS who would like to refresh or build their confidence by investing 10 minutes in a short, smart way.

Why use these:  

You can access these anytime and anywhere from the FSD website.

  • It is to the point
  • It is easy and quick to access and you don’t have to leave your desk
  • It is a quick refresher of the key learning points from those courses you have been on and forgotten